Our Clients Include

Here are some of our ventures


Capium is a cloud-based accounting & practice management package, which meets the day to day management demands of accounting practices and automates accounts production. There is now no need for separate systems, as Capium allows accountancy practices to run their entire business through a unified cloud-based software. With 6 key modules, Capium allows accountants to conduct all processes in a secure, speedy and user-friendly manner.

Incepteo participated in this venture from ideation, funding, business planning, technology development, marketing, sales, support and running of the board. We successfully built the brand as a recognised player in the industry with an impressive and growing customer based and been shortlisted for industry-leading awards.


Collude is an advanced communication and mobile networking platform that connects people in business environments to streamline communication, empower interaction, increase opportunities, facilitate networking at conferences and collaborate towards higher goals.

Incepteo participated in this venture shaping the initial idea, introducing funding, clarifying the business plan, developing the technology, marketing, sales, support functions. We have successfully taken the idea to market in record time and helped Collude win several lucrative contracts in their first year.

Keyura Cloud

Keyura Cloud is a cloud-based platform for the logistics and transportation sector that is a tool to fast-track tenders and procurement decision making.

Incepteo steered this venture in terms of the business model and monetisation strategies, raising funding, articulating the business plan, developing the software platform and running the marketing and sales campaigns. We have been instrumental in winning multinational clients for Keyura Cloud as well as the continuous evolution of the software.


Modulus is a simple yet scalable solution for retailers of all sizes, from those who operate as small as a home based business or a huge retail chain. In an age where retail is distributed across multiple channels, modulus unifies these channels, makes your operations effortless saving time and money.

This solution Incepteo creates was built on a modern architecture with simple to use features and improved flexibility to cater to any business of any industry. Not only did we built the technology backbone, we helped shaped the brand proposition and facilitated key corporate sales in their first year of trading.


Keeping up with your health can be tedious job. However, your smartphone can also be handy device to keep a tab on your family health. MyVaidya gives you an easy-to-read dashboard of your family health information on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

You can quickly see your doctor’s information and find out the last time you visited the hospital and which medications you’re taking.

Art Hub

Art Hub is a professional networking platform bringing artists and organisers together to share ideas and create revenue opportunities.

Incepteo added value to this venture from ideation, funding, business plan, technology development, marketing, sales, support and formation and sitting on their board of directors. We have successfully taken the idea to market in record time and we continue to partner with them to roll out the business internationally.